Masters in Petroleum Engineering

at9744 asked 2 years ago

Dear Sirs,

I am a graduate engineer with an MEng (Hons) UK degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and I want to apply to some prestigious universities in the US that offer Masters programmes in Petroleum Engineering. At a glance, the admission requirements pertaining to the minimum GPA score vary from one university to another. In my case, I am facing the difficulty of finding my own GPA score as the UK universities follow a completely different grading system in assessing the performance of students.

I have made an extensive search online but it is obvious that there is no single mapping of the two grading systems and the information presented on several websites is given by approximation.

Apart form that, after my graduation I was employed as an Electrical engineer at an oil storage terminal project for about a year. Will my short work experience period in the industry be taken into account when I apply to universities?

I would highly appreciate it if you could provide me with any further information.

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