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Hello,I am currently working for an Oil and Gas company as an engineer, I have a degree in chemical engineering ( Bachelors and Masters) .I am looking to get into other areas such as drilling / production but feel that I am not qualified ( as I don\’t have a Petroleum Engineering Degree). Do you see this as an issue, and if so, would you recommend an additional degree to help make that transition ?Thanks

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Chet Staff answered 3 years ago

That’s a very good question…  Personally I don’t think it’s an issue at all if you’re looking to work in areas such as drilling/production.  I think you already got a good thing going with a bachelors/masters in chemical engineering.  It’s just a matter of presenting your strength (which is chemical) to land a job within the oil and gas industries.  Once again, you need a strong engineering degree as pre-requisite to get into this field but no need for a PE specific degree.  I recommend that instead of pursuing a 4 year PE degree, you should get a certification through SPE- Society of Petroleum Engineers
To reconfirm why i think it’s not a problem, please read this interview with a petroleum engineer on energy4me.
Let me know if you have any more questions.
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